Project Portfolio

Wind-Solar-Diesel Hybrid System – Runmoy Resort, Sajek, Rangamati

Project Overview: Runmoy Resort, a beautiful and serene resort situated at Sajek, which is a remote hilly area in the Rangamati district. It is an all-weather tourist spot. It is a union located at the farthest north of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The unavailability of grid connection and ample sunlight made solar power system an obvious choice for them.

Project Implementation: Runmoy resort is powered by a hybrid system engineered by PCPL to deliver reliable and sustainable electricity for their needs. The hybrid system comprises of solar, wind and diesel generators where solar and wind as a whole provides 2.4KW of electricity. The generators act as backup source and to recharge the batteries. The system is completely run on DC (24V) where it serves the load of lighting, fan, TV, fridge etc. Our system serves its 5 rooms and outdoor areas.