Project Portfolio

Wind-Solar-Diesel Hybrid System – Runmoy Resort, Sajek, Rangamati

Project Overview: Runmoy Resort, a beautiful and serene resort situated at Sajek, which is a remote hilly area in the Rangamati district. It is an all-weather tourist spot. It is a union located at the farthest north of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The unavailability of grid connection and ample sunlight made solar power system an obvious choice for them.

Project Implementation: Runmoy resort is powered by a hybrid system engineered by PCPL to deliver reliable and sustainable electricity for their needs. The hybrid system comprises of solar, wind and diesel generators where solar and wind as a whole provides 2.4KW of electricity. The generators act as backup source and to recharge the batteries. The system is completely run on DC (24V) where it serves the load of lighting, fan, TV, fridge etc. Our system serves its 5 rooms and outdoor areas.

Chittagong Cantonment and Sajek Valley Resort, Sajek - Solar Street Lighting System

Project overview: The projects are located adjacent to Café24 in Chittagong Cantonment and the Sajek Valley Resort in Sajek. Due to the remote location and unavailability of grid connection so Solar Street light were an ideal choice to illuminate the street.

Project Implementation: The Streetlights were installed along the way to Café24 and Sajek Valley Resort.

Solar Powered Mobile Monitoring Station of BFDC, Rangamati Lake

Project Overview: Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation constantly been trying to prevent illegal fishing to develop fish population and in that effort, they have constructed mobile monitoring vessels which station themselves in remote region for several weeks. The vessel has a living room with kitchen for the security staffs. There are 6 such vessels called Polton, used by BFDC for monitoring purposes.

Project Implementation: This project implemented by PCPL has been praised highly by BFDC as it mitigated a crucial issue. Each vessel has 100W solar system installed in them to provide DC electricity to 6 lamps and mobile charging system. The security staffs were able to keep a saw at night and charge the floodlight as well.

Cyclone Shelter of Barisal Division

Project Overview: Cyclone Shelter is a crucial facility in an event of disaster and it needs to be able to provide emergency services for which the need of electricity is essential.

Project Implementation: PCPL is pleased to facilitate the implementation of 1000W solar PV system at the Cyclone Shelter. The system has an output of 600W AC using inverter and serves 15 lights, a fan and a PC.

BFDC Hatchery at Marishara Char – Solar Water Pump

Project Overview & Implementation: BDFC Hatchery Project located in the Marishara Char lacked grid power supply. We, PCPL, facilitated the installation of full off grid 6KW solar PV system for the office and housing quarter electricity needs.

We also installed Solar Water Lifting system for the housing quarter and for the hatchery farm.

Lakhsmichari Army Camp - Solar Off Grid System

Project Overview: Lakhsmichari army camp located in the remote region of Baighaichari upazilla occupies an area of 7500 sq.ft, which is accessed by helicopter for essential supplies like food, diesel for generator etc. The residents had access to electricity only during the generator operating hours, which meant they could not have electricity through out the day. The generator supported them at night for 4-5 hours only after which it was turned off to save fuel.

Project Implementation: An off grid solar power system was implemented by Pristine Crossing Point Ltd with its revolutionary proprietary equipments to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable system for the remote camp. Solar PV panels are fitted on the roof, which in the daytime charges the batteries to provide electricity. Our proprietary charge controller regulates the charging process for efficient charging and extending the battery’s durability. The system and appliances runs on DC power. The residents were tremendously benefited by the project as they now had access to electricity for lighting, fan, TV, mobile charging etc.

Longadhu Hybrid System for Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation

Project Overview & Implementation: PCPL has successfully implemented the setup of a Solar Water Pump for the hatchery farms in Longadhu. We, also have hybrid Solar PV System installed for office and housing quarters’ electricity needs.                                                      

Solar Office & Home System

Project Overview & Implementation:

We have worked on various solar home system projects. The projects are in urban and rural region mostly depending on off grid solar PV system.

Office System was installed in the district IT center as off grid solution to provide backup for 3 hours during load shedding. The system supports several PCs, CFL Lights and Fans.

Location: Joypurhat 

Home System was installed in the places listed where the home system supports the household with off grid power solutions to run several LED Lights, and couple of fans.


·       Serajgonj

·       Bogra 

·       Rajshahi 

·       Comill

·       Brammanbaria

·       Rangpur